R.P.Clarke Financial Services
Business Insurance Planning

Buy/Sell Funding
Ensuring that you or your family will receive "fair market value" for your interest within your business whether you are the owner or shareholder in the event of your death or disability.

Key Person Funding
Ensuring that the business will not be hit with financial hardships in the event of the death of a Key Person to your business. This type of funding provides a "bridge" until the financial effects of the loss of a key person has been eliminated.

Office Overhead Funding
Ensuring that there is enough money to pay for your office overhead expenses, such as salaries, rent/mortgage, equipment lease payments, etc., in the event of the business owner's disability.

Succession Planning
Who will take over your role as business owner in the event of your death, disability or retirement at whatever age? A proper plan will ensure that the value of your interest within the business will be preserved for you are your family (both present and the next generation).

Individual Pension Plans (IPPs)
Why should you have a smaller pension as governed by Pension legislation from what executives in large corporations are able to accure? One of the only allowed tax reduction planning techniques left is Registered Retirement Savings Plans, which are limited in how much you can contribute. An IPP is basically an individual Defined Benefit Plan - the same type of plan offered by large corporations to their employees. Why be discriminated because you are an owner or executive of a smaller company?

Group Benefit Plans
These plans are used by companies who wish to Retain and Reward their existing employees and to Attract good, new employees. They are an important "perk" to employees and go a long way in maintaining loyalty. Premiums paid are tax deductible.


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