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Investment / Retirement Planning

Registered and Non-Registered Investments - Segregated Funds - Tax-Free Savings Accounts (TFSA) - Life & Term Annuities - GICs

Some questions to ask yourself:

  • Do I know my risk profile?
  • Do I understand the nature of my investments?
  • Am I in the right investments to meet my goals/needs?
  • Do I have an active financial advisor/planner who maintains contact and seems to have my best interests at heart?
  • Should I have Canadian Equities, Bonds, Foreign Equities or GICs in my portfolio?
  • Have I heard about and understand the power of Life Annuities and the guarantees they bring to my portfolio?
  • If I am nearing retirement, do I understand my various "pension" options, such as Registered Retirement Income Funds(RRIF), Locked-In Funds (LIF) and Registered Annuities?
  • Are my investments Guaranteed in one way or another or can I lose all my money if I am invested in the "market"
  • Am I taking advantage of the tax free savings account (TFSA)?

If you answered "no" to any of these questions, please contact us for we would be pleased to help you turn all these answers to a "yes"!

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Financial Planning

The goal of financial planning is to:

  • create an estate for present and future uses
  • protect that estate to guard against erosion due to taxes, inflation and third party claims wherever and however possible
  • preserve that estate for your retirement years and for the next generation against the same three problems: taxes, inflation, third party claims
  • harmonize all financial aspects of your life with a plan where most contingencies are understood and allowed for wherever possible
  • ensuring the effective and efficient use of your money towards achieving your short to long-term planning through the proper use of insurance and investment products; having a properly thought out Will and Powers of Attorney and harmonizing your spending among a number of necessary expenditures.


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